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How its work :
Register for FREE -To Receive your personal address in Europe. (Amsterdam - The Netherlands)
Use the Address as its be your own address.
If you have trouble ordering online we will be happy to assist 
As soon as we received your package - We will update you and follow your instruction - see our services list.
After handling and payment, your package will be shipped directly to your doorstep - Time to Enjoy your purchase.
         Order from online stores in  Europe and we will shipped to your address 

OUR services :

Forwarding - ReSHIP
We will ship your package to any place on the globe using first class delivery company
include insurance and trucking number.
Check the product
Before shipping we will check the product quality and size and sent you photos.
We will consolidate your packages into one shipment to reduce your shipping cost.
we store your shipment free of charge.
Packaging service
We are taking care on your packages. all your items will be pack in extra care. 
Do not hesitate to ask us for special treatment. (remove invoice, gift wrapping etc)
Our technical team ready to make any modification - mechanical electricity or software .
Personal shopper 
We shop for you. If you have trouble ordering online we can shop on your behalf. We are able to purchase many hard to get products from various online retailers, private seller, auction house or any other source.
we will buy and charge prepaid card for you like Visa(pay2day card), Apple shop , XBox
pay2d , and more - contact us for more information >

OUR service is personal and customize For your needs

     please do not hesitate to ask us for any request.


0-2 KG  
10-25 Euro
2-5 KG  
20-35 Euro
5-10 KG  
30-55 Euro
10-20 KG  
50-150 Euro
Price information :
- To find the exact price please contact us  with your package information :  size, weight and destination. 
- We ship first class via Air.


Register for FREE and receive your private Address in Europe.
No need to register in Advance - Register before use.
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Tailored Made services - Please contact us for any request

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