How i know the exact Price for shipping a package ?

To calculate the exact price please send us the following information :

- size of the package W-D-H in cm.

- weight in Kg.

- destination.


What you can do for me ? 

- Repackage 

-Aggregate few delivery to one 

- special packing - build wood box extra isolation 

-For more see the button - "Your Branch"

we like to make our customer Happy - Just tell us your wishes 

Regulation and Legal 

Certain rules apply to the content of your parcel. For security reasons we do not ship the following items:

  • Products that can spoil

  • Food products, unless they have been packed well and shipped unconditioned

  • Livestock

  • Human organs and human remains, including ashes

  • Animals and hunting trophies

  • Plants, except flower bulbs

  • Fertilizer

  • Prohibited items such as firearms, explosives, military equipment, etc.

  • Narcotics/drugs

  • Dangerous goods such as chemicals, paints, fireworks, batteries, etc.

  • Parcels with an inherent defect which, because of their nature, can damage people, merchandise, or equipment.

  • Illegal goods.

  • Products whose transport is legally prohibited in the country of origin, transit, or destination

  • Products that require special facilities, safety precautions, or permits

If you are in doubt about a product or shipment, feel free to contact our customer service department. You can find the contact button contact in the Top menu.

Products of exceptionally high value such as art, antiques, and precious stones and precious metals

can be handle on special request. 

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